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This tagline changes too much. I have tagline commitment issues.

Ray Comfort says “God bless Bill Maher and Sam Harris for their courage.”

I bet if anything will piss off Maher and Harris most it’s Ray Comfort’s “kitten” God  blessing them for what they say. #ironynotirony

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Sunday Assembly NYC

I’m often a host or speaker at Sunday Assembly NYC. Today I am doing the part called “Doing Their Best.” It’s actually about my mom and her bedtime story to … Continue reading

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Writing Pro-Tip: Eat and Sleep

I know it sounds obvious or stupid, depending on what kind of writer you are, but there is something amazing about eating. It may even be important to being a … Continue reading

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Writing a Book

So I forgot I was writing a book. It’s half memoir,  half philosophy. The first attempt which I picked up yesterday was from July 2011. I had 16,000 words. And … Continue reading

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The Real Blasphemy

There was a time I respected the opinion of someone who was religiously against homosexuality or abortion or any of the myriad social issues in our world today. But now … Continue reading

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Personal Mythology: My Origin Story

This week, I’m writing something for Sunday Assembly NYC under the theme of “Mythology.” And as I research and write, I keep thinking about my first “myth story”: my first … Continue reading

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Pigeons, Pointing, and Truth

Zeke has been playing a sad little game with the pigeons of New York for months. Every few days, one will land on the sill of our high-rise apartment window … Continue reading

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