Connecting Through Grace

  I used to go to church. It was this little theater in Hollywood. Eclectic, creative, progressive people. Pastor Barry was a sweet, gentleman from England who looked like Johnny Rotten’s mild-mannered brother.… Continue reading

Friendship through the eyes of Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen

A draft of my Sunday Assembly NYC talk on 5/4/14. Links and updates added as conversations flow, so this may get quite fluid.    Pop culture has ruined our learning curve when it… Continue reading


This movie is visually stellar. Jarmusch takes us gently by the tit and leads us into a very erotic world that is not just sexually erotic, it is animal, raw, concrete and stone… Continue reading

Purpose and Meaning

Yesterday, I was at a table read for a friend. He had written a fantastical screenplay where Dorothy and Alice’s universes collide. I had pulled out a page of it because it made… Continue reading

Striptease and Religion

I’m researching for the next Bare Naked Bake Sale event. It’s going to be striptease in mythology/religion. So I’m going to add to this list as I find different strippers in scriptures. Someday, this will be a show line-up:

A Parable About Science and God

What could go wrong?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Outside Fermi’s Paradox

I am very happily married to a wonderful man and I know this moment will happen with us someday. Someday one of us will wonder how to live without the other. It’s an enviable place. Holding someone’s hand and realizing there is so much love between you, that when they go, you have this wealth of love that feels lost.

So Joss Whedon doesn’t think about trans people when he tweets

Whedon is one of the more evolved writers for identities not his own. I am deeply disappointed that he did not respond to the backlash with a trans-friendly tweet, but also very hopeful that in time, this will change. I know only a year ago, maybe only six months ago, I would have done the same. I may still do it. I’m just lucky no one sees me because I’m not famous and scrutinized by fans (not for lack of trying).

Comets, Stardust, and Dancing

This is the rough draft of a talk I did for Sunday Assembly NYC in December of 2013. What I ended up saying is very different, I think. I have no recollection. I… Continue reading

Insert Click Bait Headline Here

I read about a horrible true story and then I read someone post about how it made them feel. And the feelings weren’t fun. They were deeply felt, tough, painful feelings. And like… Continue reading