The Father’s Prayer and Worm Food

OMG (maybe literally). I was debating afterlife with someone and we got to the point of really asking why. WHY an afterlife? And I said, atheistically, “Being worm food IS wondrous. We become a part of the planet that let us spin for so many years. We recycle our dust into a far greater cosmos. We are part of this wondrous universe. There is no need for us to live longer in a heaven. it is enough to live one lifetime right here.”

And then I realized long ago, someone wise in my life interpreted the beginning of the Father’s Prayer to mean that exact same thing.

This is me having a moment of thinking everyone agrees. Don’t debate it for just 5 minutes. I kinda like the feeling.


Wow, that's a lot of bling for a temporal body.

Wow, that’s a lot of bling for a temporal body.


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