Striptease and Religion

I’m researching for the next Bare Naked Bake Sale event. It’s going to be striptease in mythology/religion. So I’m going to add to this list as I find different strippers in scriptures. Someday, this will be a show line-up:

1. Salome – Matthew 14:6 and Mark 6:21-22 and Oscar Wilde’s Salome.


2. Ame No Uzume: The striptease that brought back the sun

3. Or an interesting twist on Ame No Uzume: Susano in Drag


4. Thryzha – The Festival of Bacchus and the Fountain of Wine – This is an interesting one. I can’t find proof of this actual myth, but the striptease originates in Coney Island burlesque, Tirza and her wine bath. I must find the myth somewhere other than her own promo material.


5. More to come as I research!

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